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Solar Combiner Boxes

RAND PV Solar Combiner Boxes redefine the standard of solar technology by offering customized, innovative, and safety-conscious solutions for your specific solar installation’s needs.

Each combiner box comes with advanced features including up to 1500V 400A UL Listed DC Disconnects and UL Listed Fuses from 10A to 400A, delivering unbeatable performance with utmost safety. RAND PV’s solar combiner design ensures optimal wire management, over-the-air transmission minimization, and enhanced dual polarity protection – all encompassed in a rugged NEMA 4X outdoor steel enclosure.

Key Features:

Advanced Design

Our solar combiner box is the result of years of engineering and research to create the best-in-class product for our customers. From our linear component design to our custom-fabricated enclosures, we prioritize wire management, arc suppression, and overall safety for an efficient installation process.

NEMA 4X Rated

Our enclosures are custom fabricated using durable materials that are NEMA 4X rated for outdoor use. This ensures protection against weather and other environmental factors, giving our customers peace of mind for long-lasting performance. 

Dual Polarity Protection

With the evolving technology of solar panels, dual polarity protection has become a requirement. Our combiner box has fused both the positive and negative incoming lines for ultimate safety and protection. Our high-current ceramic fuse links and UL-approved holders provide a variety of amperage options to meet specific needs.


RAND PV Solar Combiners offer you a unique customization potential to match your solar needs, featuring an 8 string to 24 string capability, NEMA 4X outdoor steel enclosures, and UL Listed DC disconnects reaching up to 1500V 400A. With UL Listed fuses from 10A to 40A and the provision for dual polarity fused protection, our combiner boxes provide unparalleled safety measures, while ensuring effective wire management and reducing over-the-air transmission.

Simplify Installations

With RAND PV Solar Combiner Boxes, solar project managers can save time and reduce costs with customizable solutions that meet their specific application needs. Our streamlined design and thoughtful enclosures make installation and wire management a breeze.

Enhanced Safety Features

Our Solar Combiner Boxes are equipped with UL Listed DC disconnects and fuses for added protection against overcurrent and arc faults. Plus, our NEMA 4X outdoor steel enclosures provide weather-resistant and corrosion-proof housing. 


customized to your solar needs